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This website contains a database of interments in the 19 public cemeteries of Hillsborough, New Hampshire, originally called "Bridge Village". The time period is from the first known burial in 1788 to the present, last updated in September, 2016. The database is searchable by last name or cemetery name. The entire database may be listed in alphabetical order by last name. Search the database

Hillsborough New Hampshire Cemeteries

Our cemeteries are fairly typical of those in other small New England towns and all have a story to tell. Many were once family plots that were set out on the side corner of their property. Some of the original family plots in Hillsborough are Clark, Monroe, Gerry, Codman, and Coolidge. All 19 municipal cemeteries are scattered through the town. Eventually they were abandoned by the families, the land sold and left forgotten. A few years ago, Hillsborough finally took the right to care and maintain them. Because of a lack of funds, manpower and interest, old cemeteries have gone by the wayside resulting in broken, fallen and buried headstones, with Winter frost being the main culprit and many becoming overgrown with trees and brush. Many of the older headstones are made of slate, granite, limestone and over 150 years old.

Cemetery care is now a community problem for these are indeed owned by town and the people who live here. Please note that the people resting in our cemeteries are veterans, farmers, merchants, neighbors, community leaders, doctors, lawyers, bankers, hotel keepers - all the people who help build the town.

Veteran memorial stones can be found at the Hillsborough and Church Street cemeteries. Veterans are honored annually by the placement of American flags next to the headstone.

These historic sites do tell a story about Hillsborough that you may not find in history books.

Thank you,
Richard Baldwin
Hillsborough, NH

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